A truly balanced blend of Funk, Soul and Pop, and you’ll want to dance your heart out.
— Abduction Radiation, L.A.


The Modern World is the vehicle for the songwriting of London based songwriter/producer Oli James. Describing their sound as Neon Soul, The Modern World provide a blend of soul, jazz and disco-infused funk, persistently musing on the demands and sacrifices of modern living.



A term we made up to convey the amalgamation of night clubs, neon street signs, crime ridden inner cities and the heavyweights of the freewheelin’ musical tradition.

Al Green produced by Tame Impala.

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The Modern World is the vehicle for the songwriting of London based producer/songwriter Oli James. Oli was born in London and began writing songs after his family relocated to Spain when he was ten years old. He honed his craft whilst studying English at University College London, and after a two year stint playing the blues scene in Moscow, Russia, Oli returned to London to form a crew of misfits and musical prodigies that make up The Modern World.

Often producing music alone at home, or in snatches of late-night studio time in friend’s studios across London, The Modern World have been recognised for their exhilarating fusion of guitar-pop, soul and jazz, gripping live shows and distinctive visual identity. They have hosted shows in nightclubs, churches, rooftops, and living rooms, and they plan to continue doing so for the foreseeable future.  

The band released their third single, 'Altamont' in June 2018. It was their most successful release to date and saw them gain considerable attention from music journalists and taste makers as far and wide as Mexico City, L.A., Sao Paulo, Glasgow and their hometown London. Their next single, ‘Too Close’ is scheduled for release on May 17th.