Oli James is a singer/songwriter from London, UK. His music has been described as ‘urban soul’, and combines elements of New Wave with classic Rock and Soul. 


Writing songs from an early age, Oli began performing in earnest after relocating to Moscow, Russia. After encountering the thriving blues scene in the city, Oli rediscovered a passion for roots music, becoming a regular on the local club scene, and sharing stages with veterans of the Moscow circuit. 

Despite enjoying a ‘vertical learning curve’ and playing on an almost nightly basis, Oli became frustrated with the lack of creative possibilities within the traditional blues format. In the Spring of 2015 he put together his own band, after meeting Russian bassist Artem Erokin outside the legendary B2 club in Moscow. The Pair hooked up with English drummer Tom Oldfield and Kiev native Michael Zutsyev on Saxophone, and The Post Modern Lovers were born. 

The band played regularly in Moscow and St Petersburg, before embarking on a summer festival tour of Western Russia, and in late July 2015, they went into the studio to lay down the groundwork for an EP. 

In January 2016, Oli relocated back to London to continue pursuing music. He hooked up with London based producer and songwriter Franc Cinelli, and selected four tracks from the live takes with The Post Modern Lovers for The Moscow EP, scheduled for release in October 2016. He currently plays regularly in and around London with Iain Gordon Smith on Bass and George Davidson on drums. The band are set to play several festivals in the summer of 2017, with another EP planned for the coming spring.  

The Modern World